Welcome to Rock Run Animal Rescue!

Rock Run Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
Our mission is to care for animals in need by providing a supportive environment that
encourages physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. In caring for our animals, we utilize
holistic healing modalities in conjunction with contemporary veterinary care. While a few of our
animals are available for adoption, most will live the rest of their lives with us.

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Rock Run’s 5th Anniversary Celebration & Rockin’ Chili Cook-Off 

September 23, 12:30 to 4:00

Click here for event details and call 717-636-1452

All proceeds benefit the animals of Rock Run!





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Please sponsor me -- thank you! Buddy

Did you know that Rock Run Animal Rescue has a sponsorship program?  We began our sponsorship program soon after we incorporated in 2012.  Many other animal rescue organizations offer some type of sponsorship, and it is a great way for animal-loving folks to help provide the care each animal needs.  In Rock Run’s case, the monthly sponsorship donations go into our general fund used primarily to feed the animals at the farm.  In anticipation of our five-year anniversary in September, our sponsorship program has been revived, revised, and renamed!  Compassion in Action allows those who are aware of the needs of voiceless animals to act on their compassion and personally do something about it.  Click here to see the benefits of sponsoring a resident of Rock Run.






Rock Run moved in September of 2016 from Shermans Dale to a farm in Newville!
We’ve been growing roots in our new community and growing in the number of residents too.
We are excited about both!
Rock Run continues to invite our neighbors to learn more about us
and the animals for whom we provide sanctuary.

Follow our journey on Facebook for updates as we continue to become part of the Newville community.



Rock Run Animal Rescue
P.O. Box 272
Newville PA  17241


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