Meet the Animals

It takes a village to care for all the animals that call Rock Run “home”.  YOU can be a part of that village by sponsoring an animal monthly and knowing you are personally contributing to making the world a better place for animals in need.  Monthly sponsorships are critical to keeping our barn filled with hay.  We use around seven bales of hay a day, over 200 a month.  The cost — close to $1,200!


Any animal on the farm can be sponsored, and you can sponsor in any amount, starting at $5.00 monthly.  Sponsorships can be paid by mailing a check each month or via PayPal (automatic deductions can be made monthly).  We are asking for a 12-month commitment to our Compassion in Action Sponsorship Program.  Your commitment enables us to rely on your regular donation to provide food…the very basic requirement for any animal.

As a sponsor, you will receive the following:

  • Thank-you card with a picture of ‘your’ chosen animal
  • Scheduled visit to the farm to see ‘your’ chosen animal

Click below to set up your monthly donation through PayPal.  Please include a PayPal ‘note’ indicating CIA and the sponsored animal’s name.



Sponsor:  Julie March

Please sponsor me

 Corona, affectionately called Roni Jean, is a beautiful Standardbred mare. She’s serious most of the time and while it takes time for her to trust you,
once she does, it’s forever. She LOVES to be scratched and literally drools for peppermints!

Sponsor:  Jack and Beth Herman

 Faith, a registered standardbred mare that was pulled from a kill pen. She was set to be slaughtered, but did not fit into the truck. Her shoes were totally neglected and it was a long recovery. Faith’s feet were not growing correctly and she had completely contracted heels. She is super sweet and she was saved at Christmas time, hence her name Faith.

Sponsor: Kathy Landis

Rosebud is an elderly mare who was saved from the kill pen. She was the main buggy horse for a family for 19 years, until she fell in the road; then she was sent to be slaughtered. The scars on her knees and body remain. She is super sweet and well behaved. She can usually be found with Faith, and she does enjoy her alone time. She’s enjoying her well deserved retirement!

Sponsor:  Margi Chester and Vanessa Green

Clay came from a kill pen. He was “bailed” out by a loving woman named Michelle who was dying of cancer. She said he would be like the one starfish she could throw back into the sea. Unfortunately, Michelle passed away before getting to meet Clay, her starfish. We believe she is looking down on him to this day.❤

Sponsor: Margi Chester and Vanessa Green

Danny Boy, is beautiful; his photos don’t do him justice, he is one handsome quarter horse! Thankfully, he was rescued from the kill pen. Danny is a love bug; his favorite thing is a good neck/chest scratch. He lives with Clay and loves carrots and kids.

Sponsor:  Michelle White

Oscar is a Thoroughbred gelding. He’s a goof; kind of like the class clown. He’s always nosey and likes to pick on Corona. He has some health issues such as arthritis in his knees, and he has survived colic surgery (had his entire ilium removed). This boy is a real trooper and so much fun!

Sponsor:  Dianne Baumgardner & Diane Gourley

Buddy is our super sweet ambassador at the farm. Buddy is a Tennessee Walker whose previous owner was going to take him to New Holland auction because Buddy had fallen on 2 occasions while being ridden. No one could take Buddy and after hearing of his condition — he was emaciated.  Rock Run Animal Rescue arranged for his arrival on short notice and Buddy came to the farm 300 pounds underweight and had heaves (similar to asthma in humans). After a few months, Buddy got the sparkle back in his eye and became interested in other animals and volunteers.  See his before and after photos, here.


❤️Sponsor: Kathy Landis

Daisy is a stunningly beautiful girl. She was dumped in someone’s yard as a puppy with her brother, Duke. Daisy is a Labradoodle (we think) and probably came from a puppy mill. She, too, has a very sensitive stomach. She loves to try to watch chickens and cats from the porch, praying for the opportunity to go get one. You know…just to “play.” She likes to fetch balls and actually brings them back for you to throw again. And again. And again.

Sponsor: Denise Hull

Duke is Daisy’s brother; also tossed in someone’s yard as a pup and most likely from a puppy mill. Duke has been treated for Lyme disease and on occasion requires some treatment for “stiffness.” Duke’s bark makes him sound ferocious, but once he knows you, he won’t get off your lap. All 65 pounds of him on your lap. Duke likes to play ball, too, and is an Olympic bone chewer. He intuitively knows when you need a hug. Quite the lovebug!


BETTY — mom to Lucy





SPONSOR: Savannah Mertz

Arya Kitty image


SPONSOR: Autumn Mertz







SUZIE – Our Goose