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“Rock Run Animal Rescue provides care to animals in need. We provide a supportive environment that encourages physical, emotional, and spiritual healing by utilizing a holistic approach in conjunction with contemporary veterinary medicine.”

Our intention has never been to become a large operation. We prefer to offer individualized care to the few we are able to assist as opposed to focusing on the number of animals we serve. We have cared for animals who were starved, neglected, and needed a place to go quickly. We have been with them through cancer, serious health problems, and long-term health issues.  These horses are not by any means substandard because they are older; have health issues such as IR, Cushing’s, allergies, heaves, arthritis, chronic GI problems; no longer able to chew hay; or are no longer rideable. They remain first class citizens. Their lives have value.

It is truly an honor.

About Rock Run Animal Rescue (RRAR)

Rock Run Animal Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit charity, incorporated in 2012.  We provide care for the animals by receiving public contributions.  We are also a 100% volunteer organization; no volunteer receives compensation as a result of volunteering.

The animals of RRAR are not privately “owned.”  While there are several animals at the farm that are privately “owned,” these animals are also privately funded, and are completely separate from RRAR’s operations.

Rock Run Animal Rescue’s animal services have been refined over the past decade to become primarily a sanctuary for horses.  There is a need for elderly and/or infirm horses to have an opportunity to live out the rest of their natural lives, including many horses in our area.

We offer holistic care, specialized diets, medicine, choices, friendship of a herd, and lots of love. Horses are in no less than first class citizens as a result of not being able to be ridden, having physical ailments, or needing a home. While they have already served humanity throughout their lives, they continue to do so by offering people unconditional support, understanding, healing, learning, and growth.

Horses deserve retirement.  They’ve earned it.  They are not substandard; they remain first class citizens.  Their lives have value. They’ve already served us in their past.  Now it’s our turn to serve them.

Kintsugi logoKintsugi Equine Gestalt Coaching

Rock Run’s program, “Kintsugi Equine Gestalt Coaching,” is available to assist people struggling with trauma, direction, depression, and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. The horses play a role in coaching clients on a 1:1 basis, in a group setting, and through workshops. Horses are natural healers and play an important role in helping people through our program.

People helping horses helping people…everyone wins!

Jodi Kelley, Founder & President
Rock Run Animal Rescue, Inc.