Items Needed

GIFT CARDS: Amazon, Costco, Tractor Supply, Karns, or Giant for chicken and veggies for the dogs, or for paper towels.

We rely on technology a lot AND we also have to print a lot!  Thank you notes, letters, applications, etc.  Printer ink is a valuable commodity in our world!





A recent inspection of our storage bins revealed we need MORE!
Rock Run is a farm and we need to make sure we’re not feeding the mice!




coconut oil


Coconut oil is great for the dogs’ skin and coats (we have seasonal allergies here),
but we use it heavily to make a paste of turmeric for the horses (used on almost
every horse twice a day for inflammation and arthritis).







Two specific dog foods that cannot be changed due to extremely sensitive stomachs.


Indoor complete and Friskies puree canned food











Several of our dogs require a home made diet (Hank cannot eat anything with chunks), so we puree fresh or frozen veggies (squash, pumpkin, peas, carrots, zucchini) and shred chicken. The pumpkin can be canned instead of fresh/frozen.







99.9% of cleaning is done with white vinegar.







These are wooden bedding pellets, can be purchased at TSC or Bonsalls. Used for horse stalls and run in sheds.


These are wooden bedding pellets, can be purchased at TSC or Knisely’s. Used for the horse stalls and run-in sheds.